Thank you for reading and enjoying Vol State Humanities!

Since I have been writing posts on the Vol State Humanities blog for Intro to Electronic Media class, I want to say thank you for enjoying my blog and reading my blog posts!

It has been a lot of fun making blog posts on Vol State Humanities, and I definitely enjoyed making podcasts for this blog.

I want to say thanks to all of the professors for letting me do the Professor of the Week posts for them and the Humanities Division.

I had so much fun keeping up with many of the current events in the Humanities Division and I definitely had a lot of fun being in the Intro to Electronic Media class with Mr. Scott.

I want to say thanks to Mr. Scott for teaching me how to write a blog and how to make a podcast and video for this class, and I am looking forward on refining my skills on using digital media in my future and also continue to be a good journalist as I always have for The Settler.

And lastly, I totally appreciate all of you for reading Vol State Humanities, and I will truly remember doing this blog since I have been involved in Intro to Electronic Media class.



A review of From a Boombox to a Dream

IMG_0816I went to see From a Boombox to a Dream at the Bill and Ellen Wemyss Auditorium on April 29, and it was really good.

What I enjoyed about the showcase was that there a lot of really good performances in the showcase.

I really enjoyed the Showstoppers’ performance in this showcase, especially with the Les Miserables medley, and I also really liked their slideshow of their trip to Ireland which I went really well with their performance.

I thought the Showstoppers sang really beautifully on many of the songs they performed, especially on “Route 66 and even “Seasons of Love.”

The Commercial Jazz Ensemble also made a really wonderful performance in this showcase, and some of my favorite songs in their set were “Four” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing), and Kendahl Oakley who was the singer of this ensemble sang really well and complimented the instrumentation of the ensemble very well.

I really liked the inclusion of Caitlin Spencer and Ally Smith who were former students in Volunteer State Community College as part of the Guest Alumni Songwriter Spot, and I think they made a really nice performance in this concert.

Also, I definitely enjoyed Bluegrass Ablaze’s performance in this concert, especially with this song called “Joyride” which was actually written by Director Mark Barnett and he even described that song as gypsy bluegrass.

And I also enjoyed the performance of the Communication Practicum Class, especially with “Let Them Eat Cake” performed by Aaron Gatz.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the full ensemble performance of “Put a Little Love In Your Heart,” and I found that to be a very uplifting song and a really good encore for this showcase.

Overall, I loved From a Boombox To a Dream, and it was really a wonderful concert, and I really enjoyed as much as their winter music showcase called Starry, Starry Night!



Professor of the Week: Clay Scott

The Professor of the Week for Vol State Humanities is the Associate Professor of Communication aIMG_0815.JPGnd Faculty Advisor of the Pioneer and Settler Clay Scott.

Scott went to Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1981 and to the University of Mississippi with a Master of Arts degree in 1990.

Scott has been teaching in Volunteer State Community College since 2002, and writes his own blog about the Barren River Lake called the BarrenRiverblog.

He loves anything that is Disney and enjoys gardening in the summer and raising vegetables.

He is also married with three children and five grandchildren.

Mr. Scott is a really cool guy, and I really enjoyed learning about journalism and having this opportunity to work for The Settler with him!

Awards for the Student Art Exhibits, Hal R. Ramer Oratorical Contest, Pioneer Pen and Number One

The awards for the Hal R. Ramer Oratorical Contest, Pioneer Pen, and Number One have been announced in Volunteer State Community College on April 25.

For the Hal R. Ramer Oratorical Contest, Abby Dickerson won first place, Carolina Brown got second place, and Jowan Garrett got third place.

Lucas “Moose” Williams was awarded the John Macdougall Literary Award by Pioneer Pen for his poem called “Gods Be Damned,” and Donovan Kerkmaz was awarded the Fusion Art and Design Award for his photograph called “Faded Memories.”

April Young, Associate Professor of English, won Best Prose from a literary journal published by Vol State called Number One for her prose called “Three Years of Wednesdays,” along with Spanish and English Professor Jaime Sanchez for his prose called “The Country Mouse.”

Also, Sandy Coomer was awarded Best Poem by Number One for her poem called “Fair Park.”

And for the Student Art Exhibit, Rachel Leaver was awarded the Purchase Award for her painting called “Medical Study,” Jon Ausbrooks was awarded Best in Show, and Fran Shepherd won the Juror’s Choice Award for her artwork called “Storm Cloud.”

The winners of the Plaza Materials Award in this exhibit goes to Hailey Coble for her artwork on “Concert Poster,” Oliver Rains for “Inner Femininity,” Maddie Harlin for “Brittany Howard,” and Susan Dewey for “Party Time.”

And honorable mentions for the Student Art Exhibit goes to Vic Felder for “Naked on the Beach,” Brittany Moulton for “Belle Morte series,” Bre Smith for “A Little Glimpse of Nature,” Nancy Ghita for “The Caged Bird,” and Yinglia Yan for “Flower Fashion Show.”

The winner of the Craftsmanship Award in this exhibit goes to Susan Dewey, and the winner for Best Wrapper goes to Brittany Moulton.

Congratulations to everybody who has earned those awards in the Student Art Exhibits, the Hal R. Ramer Oratorical Contest, Pioneer Pen Awards, and the Number One Awards!




Final Exam: From a Boombox to a Dream

Poster of From a Boombox to a Dream

Volunteer State Community College will be hosting its 20th annual spring music showcase on April 28 and 29.

This concert will start at 7:30 p.m., and will be presented by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts and Arts Alive at the Bill and Ellen Wemyss Auditorium in Noble C. Caudill Hall.

Admission for this concert is $5, and $10 with the spring music CD called “20th Year Edition of Project 109” with the funds going to music scholarships in this campus, and the CD will also be available at the Vol State Bookstore, as mentioned in an article from this week’s issue of The Settler.

On this podcast about the Spring Music Showcase, Professor of Music and Chair of Visual and Performing Arts James Story talks about all of the performers in this concert and how does this concert relate to the Vol State Music Department’s trip to Ireland during spring break:

Story said that some of the songs that Bluegrass Ablaze will play during the concert will be a series of traditional Bluegrass songs and an original song written by Director Mark Barnett, and the Advanced Songwriting students of Liz Hengber will perform original songs in this showcase.

Story also said that the Showstoppers will perform a diverse selection of songs from country in a medley of Johnny Cash songs, rock, pop, jazz and Broadway in a Les Miserables medley.

The Commercial Music Ensemble will also be performing in From a Boombox to a Dream, and some of the songs they will perform include “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing” written by Duke Ellington,  and “Four” written by Eddie Vinson, according to the Associate Professor of Music Benjamin Graves.

Story said that the Vol State Music students have grown into a fantastic performing ensemble during their trip in Ireland, and that their violin player Sarah Lever got a private fiddle lesson with one of the greatest fiddler players in the world.

In this video, Story talks about what has made the spring music showcase special for the Vol State Music Program since 1997 and Graves talks about who will be performing in this concert coming this weekend:


Graves also said that this showcase will give Vol State students an opportunity to hear what the Music students have been working on all semester, and that the spring music showcase is the culmination of a semester’s worth of work for all of the Music students in Vol State.

I really recommend you come and check out From a Boombox to a Dream this weekend, and appreciate everything how hard the Music Department have been working to present this showcase, especially with Bluegrass Ablaze, the Showstoppers, the Advanced Songwriting students, and even the Commercial Music Ensemble!







Come and see the Pioneer Pen Inaugural Issue Release Party!

PiIMG_0784oneer Pen, a literary magazine for Volunteer State Community College, will be releasing its inaugural issue with a release party on Wednesday, April 26.

This release party will be at the Performing Arts Studio from 12:45- 2 p.m. at the Performing Arts Studio in the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black Humanities Building.

Artists and writers who were published in this issue of Pioneer Pen will share their work in this event, and light refreshments will be provided.

Please come and check out this release party if you are interested in getting the first issue of Pioneer Pen!

Come and check out the Student Art Show!

Volunteer State Community College will be presenting the Student Art Show on Tuesday, April 25.

This art show will be at the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black Humanities Building from noon-1 p.m., and will feature artwork done by students of the Art Department for Vol State.

Everybody is welcomed to come to this art exhibit from students, faculty and staff, and there will be awards for these exhibits at the reception.

If you are interested in seeing some creative and unique artwork done by students here at Vol State, I totally recommend coming to the Student Art Show and enjoy many of the art exhibits that many of the students have contributed to both Vol State and the Art Department!




Hey everyone, I just uploaded my VideoCast for my blog and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did shooting and making this video! Check out this video at the link below!

Professor of the Week: James Story

The Professor of the Week for Vol State Humanities is the Professor of Music and Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department JamesIMG_0767 Story.

Story went to Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977, and to Austin Peay State University with a Master of Music degree in 1986, according to VSCC Administration.

Around the same year when he graduated at Tennessee Tech, he started his career as a music teacher when he was the band and choir director in White House High School, according to The Gallatin News.

From 1981 to 1997, Story taught at Gallatin High School as a music teacher, and has been teaching at Volunteer State Community College for 19 years, according to an article from The Tennessean.

Story was a guest panelist for the 2013 Summer Nashville NAMN convention, and is professionally affiliated with the National Association for Music Education and the American Choral Directors Association , according to the Vol State Music Department.

He even was nominated by The Recording Academy and the Grammy Foundation as one of the 222 quarterfinalists in the nation for the Music Educator Award, according to The Tennessean.

Story also taught music with the Tennessee Consortium for International Study in Ireland and has recently went there during spring break with the Vol State Music Department, according to the Music Department.

Also, Story has secured grants from the Tennessee Community Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts for cultural and community events, according to the Humanities Division.

He is also the Music Director at Gallatin First United Methodist Church, according to the Gallatin News.

Professor Story is a nice guy, and I do enjoy getting to know him and I think it is incredible for him to be nominated by the Grammy Foundation!